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The best customer service and the rates you deserve!  When you apply for a Florida mortgage you don’t want to limit your self to local Florida mortgage bank options. At Florida Mortgage & Loan we pride our business on customer service. In addition, we provide every Florida mortgage program available. Including, Many Florida mortgage options that many people never knew existed. Fill out our no obligation quick response form and we will contact you within 24 hours to help you determine your Florida mortgage needs. Or feel free to search our site for Florida mortgage nformation.

FHA Mortgage Programs – The FHA mortgage is not only for Florida first time home buyers. Moving up home buyers can take advantage of the of lowest FHA interest rates, low down payment and easier credit qualifying  that only come with an FHA mortgage. The down payment requirement for an FHA mortgage is less than 4%. We provide FHA mortgage programs including, First time Florida home buyer loans, FHA 203k home loans to purchase and repair a fixer upper, FHA cash out refinance up to 85% loan to value, FHA rate and term refinace up to 97.75%, FHA bankruptcy refinancing to payoff chapter 13 Bankruptcy and  streamline FHA refinancing. Learn more about the Florida FHA mortgage.

VA Mortgage Programs – The VA government guaranteed  home loan was created to provide veterans and active duty military affordable home loan options. The VA loan offers eligible  Florida mortgage applicants  the opportunity to mortgage 100% of the homes purchase price. VA mortgage loans are made by private Florida mortgage lenders but guaranteed by the US government. The VA loan provides some of the best rates and terms for veterans. Veteran home buyers can best take advantage of this true 100% home loan program by asking the seller to pay up to 4% of the sale price to cover the closing cost.. VA mortgage programs include VA fixed and adjustable rate purchase, VA refinance, VA out or rate and rate and term VA refinancing. Learn more about Florida VA mortgage loans.

USDA Mortgage Loans –  USDA mortgage loans offer low income Florida home buyers defined by the (AMI) area median income the opportunity to purchase a Florida home with 100% financing. Income limitations and minimal credit restrictions do apply. The USDA loan under the section 502 USDA loan program allows for the purchase of a Florida home modest size, design and does not have value in excess of applicable USDA Florida loan limits. Lean more about the Florida USDA mortgage.

Conventional Mortgage- Beyond our Government loan programs including FHA, VA, USDA we offer a full range of Fannie, Freddie conventional mortgage programs up  to 100% financing designed to aid our clients arrive the best Florida mortgage financing options available with the best interest rates for your next home purchase or refinance. Learn more about our conventional Florida mortgage loans.

Florida Mortgage Refinance – If you’re currently a Florida homeowner you knew it was just a matter of time before you cashed in on your home equity or/and refinanced to take advantage of the lowest Florida mortgage interest rates in history. We offer an assortment of Florida  refinancing options for primary, second homes and investment refinancing programs for good and bad credit borrowers. We offer cash out, rate and term, streamline FHA, VA, hard money and all the refinancing options in-between. Learn more about our Florida mortgage refinancing programs.  

Jumbo Mortgage Loans– Jumbo Florida mortgage loans exceed the conforming Florida loan limit of 417,000. We have excelled Jumbo mortgage options up to 80% loan to value for our 30 year fixed jumbo mortgage loans. Lean more about our Florida Jumbo mortgage loans.

Hard Money Florida Mortgage – Hard money mortgages refer to Florida mortgage money that is borrowed at a high rate of interest, because the borrower has credit problems or is not bankable due to debt to income ratios, has a lot of unverified income ect. We have an extensive list  of private Florida hard money  lenders ready to fund your high equity Florida real estate. Lean more about our Florida hard money mortgage lenders.

Manufactured Home loans- We provide some of the best rates and terms to purchase a Florida manufactured, mobile or modular home w/land only built after 1977. If your purchasing a land home package we can help you acquire financing for less than 5% down payment. We also offer rate and term and cash out refinancing on Florida double wide homes with land. Learn more about our Florida manufactured home loan programs.

No Credit Florida Mortgage – As an FHA mortgage specialist we provide FHA home loans with No credit score Florida homebuyers.  If you can prove timely payments to Florida service providers there is a good chance you will qualify for a Florida mortgage using our no credit score mortgage loans. Learn more about our no credit score Florida mortgage programs.

Bad Credit Mortgage – We allow some of the lowest credit scores for FHA mortgage approvals in Florida. Under certain circumstances Florida mortgage applicants down to a 530 Credit score can qualify for FHA mortgage in Florida. Furthermore, we have private bad credit mortgage lenders looking to earn some extra interest other their money all over the state of Florida that may be interested in funding your bad credit mortgage. Learn more about our Bad credit Florida mortgage approvals.

Equity Line of Credit – If you’re a Florida homeowner and you already locked in to a low fixed rate 30 year mortgage then refinancing your current Florida mortgage in order to tap into your Florida home equity may not be the best choice for your current situation. For these occasions, we offer both variable and faxed rate Florida mortgage lines of credit. Learn more about our home equity Florida mortgage programs.

Second Mortgage Loans – For some a second Florida mortgage can be the best solution for tapping into your hard earned equity. Our Florida second mortgage loan program can provide homeowners with the option to consolidate debt and pay off creditors or using the second mortgage cash out using existing Florida home equity. Depending on your current Florida mortgage market availability Florida homeowners can attain up to 100% (LTV) loan to value on both Fixed or adjustable, interest only rate options. Learn more about our Florida second mortgage loans.

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