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We Specialize in Florida condo mortgage loans. We understand the ins and outs of obtaining condominium loans in Florida. There are a few additional hoops you will need to jump through to finance your next Florida condo purchase, or to refinance your existing Florida condo home loan, including obtaining a “condo questionnaire”, or form outlining information about the building that is important to the Florida condo lender. Florida condo lenders will want to know how many of the units are occupied, how many are used as rental properties, and  how financially secure is the condo owners association is for which pays for the upkeep of common areas. In new Florida condos  they will want to know how close to completion the condo project is, including common areas. All of these details affect the value of your condo unit, and the likelihood of the value increasing or decreasing.


BENEFITS OF PURCHASING A FLORIDA CONDO- Many people enjoy living in a Florida condominium rather than in a single family home or a rented apartment. We have detailed  few of the reasons below:

FLORIDA CONDOS CAN HAVE REDUCED MAINTENANCE– When you own a Florida condo you are only responsible for the upkeep of the interior of your property. Often times the landscaping, painting the exterior of the building, maintaining the lobby, pool, fitness center, or other common areas is all handled by property management. You may pay property owners association fees (or POA fees) to help pay for this maintenance, but you will share the costs with all of your neighbors. POA fees often include insurance on the property as well, but you may need to take out an additional policy to protect the contents of your home such as your furniture, appliances, and other personal possessions.

OWN YOUR OWN FLORIDA CONDO IN HIGH COST AREAS- In many Florida cities and vacation destinations single family home prices are out of reach for many Americans, but Florida condo prices may be much more reasonable.

SMALLER FLORIDA CONDOS- For a single person, small family, or empty Nester’s who does not want or need a lot of space, a smaller Florida condo may be just the right fit. Of course there are also condos available in a wide variety of sizes, including those with multiple floors

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