Applying for a Bad credit Florida mortgage isn’t as easy as it was a few years ago. Nevertheless, it is not impossible as most media broadcast make it appear. We are still providing FHA home loans and Florida first time home buyers with bad credit and even no credit score Florida home loans with low interest rates! Now back to your original question,How do I get a low interest rate Florida mortgage with a bad credit history“? 


In order to qualify for a low interest rate with a 580 to 620  bad credit mortgage you must have or provide the following:

  1. Bad credit Florida mortgage lenders what to see minimal, preferably no 30 day late payments on your credit report in the last 12 months. Its ok if your 5, 20 or 27 days late that’s ok, but not 30 days late
  2. In order to get a bad credit Florida home loan Florida mortgage  lenders want to see stability for the past 12 months with minimal 30 day late payments reflected on your credit report.
  3. Most bad credit Florida mortgage lenders also what to verify 1) 12 months of verified on timely rental history or 2) 3 months of mortgage payments in your account at the time of your new purchase in addition to your down payment. You must provide either 12 months of canceled checks, money orders  or (VOR) verification of rent from a management company. (No private landlord letters).
  4. Bad credit Florida home loan lenders want you to have 3-6 months of future mortgage payments emergency money in your account in addition to the down payment if you cannot verify your last 12 months rental history.
  5. In addition to verifying rental history or having reserves in your account at closing most bad credit Florida mortgage lenders would like to see 3 trade lines on your credit on time for the past 12 months. You may also use non traditional credit to qualify for a bad credit Florida home loan.
  6. Bad credit Florida FHA home loans allow 3.5% Down Payment with a 580 FICO score. In most cases when you settle all collections or pay them in full your credit score will increase to at least 580.

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• Bad credit Florida mortgages give you the chance to clean up your credit.
• Consolidate all your bills into one, low monthly payment with bad credit Florida home loans.
• Get relief from the non stop harassing calls of creditors.
• Bad credit Florida home loans provide a way to live your life without worrying about every penny you spend.
• Need extra cash? Bad credit Florida home loans give you what you need for home improvements, back child support, late payments, or a much needed vacation.
• Bad credit Florida home loans can even give you the leverage you need to avoid bankruptcy. And so much more!

Dont wait! Get pre approved now for one of our bad credit and no credit home loan FHA loan programs today!


BAD CREDIT NETWORK OF FLORIDA MORTGAGE LENDERSAs Florida Mortgage lenders are the best source for bad credit Florida home loans. We are a Florida mortgage company that work with nationwide group of bad credit Florida mortgage lenders that have home loan programs specifically designed for people with bad credit.

FLORIDA MORTGAGE WITH BAD CREDIT CREDIT SCORES -Bad credit Florida home loans are typically classified as several late payments with  high debt. To income ratios along with credit scores which can range between 560 and 620. If you have bad credit and your looking to get pre approved for a Florida mortgage there are many things you can do to increase your credit score. The easiest way to increase your credit score the fastest is to paying down balances on your credit cards below 30% of the limit. Then by contacting all items currently in collection and settling those debts for pennies on the dollar will increase your score as well. When you speak to one of our bad credit home loan specialist you can ask them what needs to be done to help increase you score. In some cases we may recommend a credit repair service can increase your score. Even with low credit score it is still possible that you can purchase a home with little or no money down. It just depends on how bad the damaged credit is.

HOW TO BUY A FLORIDA HOME WITH BAD CREDIT -Florida Home buyers with past bad credit issues need to be realistic with the type of home loans they can qualify for. As a home buyer with bad credit  should not expect to be charged the same interest rates as homeowners with good credit history. Florida mortgage lenders who make bad credit home loans always charge a higher interest rate to justify the higher risks associated with a Bad credit loan applicant. Florida homeowners with bad credit can always refinance and enjoy a lower interest rate loan once they have established timely payment history.

BAD CREDIT FLORIDA HOME LOAN TO VALUEMany times Florida mortgage brokers have access to 95% financing for borrowers with credit scores 580 and above. Many Florida home buyers feel that financial problems they have had in the past will prevent them from qualifying for a  mortgage today. In today’s world that is just not true. Bad credit lending otherwise known as sub-prime lending is bigger and more readily available than ever before. Florida mortgage programs that ignore collections, judgments, medical bills, basically any trade line that does not affect title can be ignored by many of today’s Florida mortgage lenders. Florida Mortgage lenders make these bad credit programs available to people who are consistently turned down by their local bank. A good Florida mortgage broker can turn a decline into an approval more often than not.

FLORIDA MORTGAGE WITH BAD CREDIT MORE THAN 12 MONTHS OLD? Did you know you may actually qualify for an FHA home loan with bad credit? Under new FHA guidelines FHA loan require only 3.5% down payment to purchase a Florida home. With a minimum  580 FICO score the FHA loan program will allow bad credit Florida loan applicants with 96.5% financing. Yes there are stipulations on these bad credit Florida home loan programs, you must have no collections in the past 12 months and you must verify your last 12 months rental history. Verified rental history requires either by 12 months canceled checks or a verification of rent from a management company. In addition, you may be capped at 1.5 x your current rental payment.

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